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Lane Closures

Lane Closures

Road Guidance Management Inc provides services for lane closures. We provide traffic control personnel along with trucks, as well as all needed apparatus. Lane closures happen on freeways and municipal roads by reversing the flow of traffic or by closing the lanes completely. Lane closures on freeways require trucks equipped with a Mounted Attenuator (TMA) together with the traffic Control Crew. A TMA ensures safety for the workers and traffic when driving around in the zone of construction. As a reputable traffic control firm, we offer traffic diverting services to design the most efficient alternative route to get you there.

Road Guidance Management Inc is the one-stop solution to every traffic management requirement. Our experienced traffic lane closure experts have years of experience in redirecting traffic while maintaining the highest safety standards. We partner together with every Toronto municipality to provide an array of the lane closure and diverting services. Our fleet of vehicles and staff are equipped with delineators, arrows, and other appropriate signage.

We are available 24/7. Our team of technicians with certification creates plans for closures of lanes and installs the necessary traffic control equipment in accordance with your needs.

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