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Flagging Services

Flagging Services

“Flagging” is a common word used to refer to the closure of a single lane within an area of road that is only two lanes. Traffic is relocated around the work zone in one direction at a given time by using “flaggers” or Traffic Control Persons (TCPs). The process can span one or two hundred meters long and may be very complex, and require more than the typical two-person crew setup. We have personnel who can manage this kind of setup at any level and at different levels of complexity.

Every driver has had to endure an in-traffic jam because of the closing of lanes, or what we typically refer to as the standard flagging process. The waiting can be a hassle, and a properly-planned traffic control system can help reduce the congestion and facilitate a more efficient traffic flow.

We offer effective traffic control with flaggers that ensure drivers are safe on your road construction sites. From simple one-lane flagging to complex interprovince closure. Our skilled traffic control officers are adept at establishing safe and legal work zones that allow optimal traffic flow in all conditions. Our road safety construction flaggers have high visibility and are suitable for projects of any kind.

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